About Us

Bryan graduated from Syracuse University (‘95) with a BFA in Advertising and Design; going on to pursue in a career as an Art Director. After working in advertising for a while, he made the transition into Real Estate, where he spent a long period of time working for a developer in Manhattan, until breaking off on his own in Norwalk, CT. Bryan still always continued his love of art through drawing, painting, and mostly, photography. Bryan and Deb, both lovers of music, art, photography and all things outdoors, have enjoyed many adventures traveling. Whether it be just the two of them or with their two sons as a family. On those adventures, Bryan has used photography to capture their experiences as he sees them.
Million Miles Photography is a partnership created by Bryan and Deb to share some of the more stunning moments in nature that they have witnessed, portrayed through Bryan’s eye and lens. Million Miles came to be after the loss of their two beloved Basset Hounds, Millie and Miles in October 2016. The name comes from their love of traveling the World and their love for their dogs! They are extremely happy to be able to share their passion of travel and fine art photography!


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